What we do

We aim to provide and share a simple and enjoyable solution to socialize
for those most in need, meanwhile raising awareness on the highly important
topic of loneliness.
Even while technology has made us hyperconnected,
the problem is growing and it’s obvious that humans need
real interactions to build authentic relationships
( belonging).
Through our campaigns and studies we also
aim to raise awareness on the topic of loneliness
on a global scale resulting in a much needed
and long lasting impact on our society.

Our Story

Having both been born into large families where the center of our upbringing was to have respect for our seniors and helping society in the best possible way, it has come very natural to us to start this foundation in collaboration with Fortuite SA. We have always wanted to give back to the ones who have given us so much. It’s the recognition and appreciation our seniors deserve.

In addition to this, we know that loneliness affects all of us regardless of our age and we have experienced firsthand the impact loneliness and social isolation has on people. We wish to combat this issue by creating a simple solution for people to socialize and build long lasting and meaningful relationships, across all generations.

We are all in this together and we look forward to building a better world with you.

Henri de Bourbon-Parme, Co-founder & president

Gabriella de Bourbon-Parme, Co-founder & head of communications

Meet the Team

Board Members

Henri de Bourbon-Parme

Co –Founder & President

“ diploma obtained” in business and law. Henri is also specialized in financial services and fundraising activities.

Laurent Guinand

Board member

Start-up CEO and non-profit executive, he also has 25 years in management consulting. Laurent has over 10 years of expertise with the largest senior focused non-profit organizations in the US.

Andrea Monti

Board member

Andrea is an executive director, passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and about how humanity can take advantage of both to build resilience and a better society.

Jean-Frédéric Théobald

Board member

Seasoned marketing executive in banking and financial services. Jean-Fred is also Chairman at the board at a large swiss magazine, “ Generations”, aimed for Seniors.

Matteo Sudan

Board member

Matteo is an excellent local network paired with a solid experience in Start-UP. He has a strong background in Private Banking in Switzerland and is a currently a VP in Wealth Management.

John Marino

Board member

Based in the US, John is a consultant with 20 years experience in business development, government relations, strategic relationship building, and nonprofit management. He is in support of the Market entry.

The Advisory Board

Nicolas Hamdi


Nicolas has 15 years of experience in several fields such as internal audit, risk management and compliance gained in Big 4 and global Fortune 500 companies across various industries.

Anouk Summermatter


Anouk graduated from La Sorbonne, King’s College of London and Cornwell in Law School. She is a lawyer with 15 years of experience. She worked across the US and Europe, leading the risk management and intellectual property strategies.

Marco Rosso


Marco is a multilingual sales professional with a proven track record in B2B SaaS sales and team leadership.He also has several years of experience working as part of EMEA inside sales teams.

Support us

Give a little to make a big difference!
We highly appreciate any support and whether you donate or volunteer, it will be a huge help for us and have a positive impact on our society.