Silver Angels

This program was created for teenagers. They’re also impacted by loneliness. The Silver Angels will provide practical and emotional support to the seniors for the silver club gatherings. They will help by doing them to the venues, accompanying them when needed, while helping the awareness campaign with their outreach. This intergenerational relationship will also help the young adults to feel connected and pureposeful. Many of lonely individuals are also socially isolated.
There is also a strong stigma attached to loneliness which limits
the potential for individuals to ask for help or reveal that they need it. Without explicit targeting, loneliness initiatives will only serve people with a more naturally outgoing nature and those who may be more able to support themselves. Therefore Silver Angels is an important step to ensure that our services are proactively offered to those most likely to be affected by loneliness, rather than simply being made universally available.


Silver Angels will help by connecting to wider services,
groups and structures within the community rather than operating
as a long term support structure or social connection in itself.
They will therefore give practical and emotional support.
This approach has been reviewed
for their effectiveness in tackling loneliness,
and have been shown to have positive effects, according to
the UK campaign to end loneliness.

(LR Age UK ID202422 Policy Review Update.pdf (campaigntoendloneliness.org)